Jenuity 1.3

Jenuity is a lightweight IDE for Java and provides basic code completion

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Jenuity is a lightweight IDE for Java. It is completely free to download and use. It is efficient and runs on various operating systems including Windows, Linux and Solaris.
Main Features :
- No need to create projects - just open a file and compile it in place
- Basic code completion
- Syntax highlighting of Java source code
- A list of methods for navigating source code
- A basic visual interface builder for prototyping purposes
- Efficient, responsive user interface
- Keyboard shortcuts and code templates modeled on those of Netbeans
- Efficient compiler integration (the JDK compiler will execute within the same process as Jenuity)
- Integrated find toolbar
- Text zooming with mouse scroll wheel

Jenuity consumes fewer resources that traditional Java IDEs and runs smoothly on relatively old hardware with limited memory. Jenuity has been tested on the following operating systems (though it is likely to also work on others):
- Windows (98, 2000, XP, Vista)
- Linux
- Solaris

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